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  • How to Clean Black Vans Shoes

    Vans are extremely popular sneakers for people of all ages. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns, including black. Since many black Vans are solid black, including the fabric, laces and rubber side strips, many owners have questions about cleaning them.

  • How to clean light brown leather boots

    How to clean light brown leather boots

    Your light brown boots got a little dirty and you want to get the stain out off your boots but your do not know how to keep your boots clean and protects them from cracking? Here is the best way you can try to keep your boots clean and get rid of stains. These care …

  • how to clean spray painted shirts

    How to clean spray painted T-shirt

    If you had leave spay paints on the t-shirt for a quite time now, and any of the methods you tried didn’t worked out. if you love that shirt much, here are some of the home methods for you. Tip to clean spray painted T-shirt – First don’t use soap, it …

  • how to get lipstick off clothes

    How to get lipstick out of clothes

    You could try contacting the lipstick manufacturer’s customer service line for information to help you get the lipstick out, but since you’ve already washed and dried your clothing they may not be all that helpful. Unfortunately, once you’ve put stained clothing in the dryer the heat generally causes the stain …

  • how to get blood out of clothes

    How to get blood out of clothes

    Blood is a tough stain, especially if it is not treated while the stain is still fresh. So to remove it effectively, it needs to be pre-treated. The most effective solution to take blood out of  clothes is Borax powder. Borax, also called sodium tetraborate, is a powdery white mineral …

  • how to wash jeans with borax

    How to wash Jeans with Borax

    Borax, also called sodium tetraborate, is a powdery white mineral that has been used as a cleaning product for several decades. As far as we know, borax doesn’t prevent fading, what it does do is soften the water (Hard water area like Southern California) It boosts the cleaning power of …

  • Getting rid of shoe odor

    How to remove smell from shoes at home

    Shoe odor is an issue for many people, for both men and women of all ages. Shoes Odor can make you feel embarrassing when you need to remove your shoes in public, as after removing the shoes the unpleasant sharp smell or odor coming out of the shoes is unbearable, …