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  • Tips for eliminating the chemical odor of new jeans

    How to get the chemical smell out of new jeans

    Finally you bought the jeans that you want, but most of jeans take an unpleasant smell of chemicals. Sometimes the chemicals used during clothing production can linger. Dark jeans require a large amount of dye and chemicals to allow them to keep their color strong and vibrant. To get rid of the …

  • types of jeans

    How to find jeans that fit perfectly

    Low-keyed, boyfriend or skinny jeans,….? If you have not yet found the jeans that suit you, our guide will make it much easier to find your next denim purchase. To help you easily pick your favorite next time to shop denim, here you can read about the different types of …

  • Jeans size

    Jeans Size – How to find the right size for Jeans?

    Jeans sizes are listed in two different sizes, eg: 28/31, and measured in inches (inches). The first measure is the waist size, the other is the length of the jeans (sometimes indicated as W (width) and L (length)). To find your size, simply measure your circumference around your waist and …