5 things to do to make your jeans last longer

It can be difficult to find the perfect jeans, but once we find them, we want to keep them forever. However, it is inevitable that jeans break down sooner or later but there are things you can do to keep them a little longer.

1. Wash your jeans after 4 months

If you want your jeans to last longer do not wash them in the first time. Most people recommend washing their jeans for the first time after using them for four months. You can feel like a long time but there are simple tricks to get them fresh without washing them.

2. How to wash your jeans

Do not wash your jeans in the washing machine! Machine-washing a good pair of jeans can actually cause damage to the material your jeans will break much faster.

Hand wash them instead! Once you wash your jeans, use cold water instead of hot and turn them in and out. In this way, they will retain the color. However, avoid using fabric softener because the softener will make your jeans lose their shape.

3. Hang up your jeans to dry

You should never use the dryer to dry your jeans. Most of people said that jeans can shrink up to 10 centimeters if you run them in the dryer. Instead, hang up your jeans, it takes time but they will last much longer.

Hang up your jeans to dry
                      Hang up your jeans to dry – Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

4. Use the freezer or shower to refresh your jeans

A best way to get your jeans to stop smelling bad without having to wash them is to put them in the freezer. It sounds strange but is very effective.

Another way to freshen up your jeans is to hang them in the bathroom while you shower. The steam from the shower will both remove the smell and smooth out your jeans. Efficient and easy!

5. Only use water to remove the stains

If you accidentally spill something on your jeans, don’t panic! They can be removed. But avoid using soap on the stain. The soap can make the color of your jeans fade and then it will get a stain anyway. Instead, soak up the stain and rub with a towel and you will see that the stain goes away.

Remember these tips to make your jeans last longer and to keep them looking as good as they did on the day you bought them.



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