how to clean spray painted shirts

If you had leave spay paints on the t-shirt for a quite time now, and any of the methods you tried didn’t worked out. if you love that shirt much, here are some of the home methods for you.

Tip to clean spray painted T-shirt

– First don’t use soap, it will not work and it will not help, anyway identify first what type of spray paint is it, its on the label, go check it out, If its Latex based, wash it under a stream of lukewarm water because this temperature dissolves some of the substances in the spray paint, making it easier to remove. Use a rag if its difficult to remove.

– If its oil based, this time use the commonly used paint thinner on rag and rub onto directly to the spray paint, repeat the process until it is removed.

– When all of that is done and you had removed the paint on the shirt, better to remember to wash it first with products or method you normally do before you wear it even it is cleaned. This ensures all of the product is removed before having contact in to your skin.

– Please use gloves to protect your hands to avoid coming into direct contact with stain-removal products.



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