Tips for eliminating the chemical odor of new jeans

Finally you bought the jeans that you want, but most of jeans take an unpleasant smell of chemicals. Sometimes the chemicals used during clothing production can linger. Dark jeans require a large amount of dye and chemicals to allow them to keep their color strong and vibrant.

To get rid of the “new smell” in this issue, here are some things to try that others have had success with.

Use vinegar to wash jeans

Vinegar easily removes many of the bad smells that have clothing, whether caused by chemicals or by any substance or strong odor such as vomit or smoke, so a good tip to remove the chemical smell of jeans is to use some white vinegar.

To remove the chemical smell of jeans just pour a cup of vinegar into the water in the washing machine for a load normal and ½ cup for a small fee of clothes, after we just have to do laundry as usual and the chemical smell is gone completely.


A good alternative is OxiClean, It is not only remove bad odor from your clothes but also it can help to remove any unwanted stain.

To remove the smell of chemicals in yur jeans with OxiClean just pouring a teaspoon into a tub with hot water, then we have to put your jeans into the liquid. Finally, you just need to leave your jeans wet overnight and wash as usual the next day, so the smell of chemicals will disappear.

Notice: Some cleaners, such as OxiClean and Borax, may cause some fading. If you want to use these cleaners, you should test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure the color is not affected.




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