Tips for eliminating the chemical odor of new jeans

You have just bought a dark blue pair but you have washed them twice so far, and the color slightly faded. You want to keep the color of your new jeans from fading but you do not know how to take care of them? What can you do to wash them, and preserve the dark color?

Here are some of the ways you can try to wash your jeans and keep the color from fading.

Washing tips for dark Jeans

– Wash them inside-out, with ONLY dark navy or black items, in warm wash and hang them to dry. Using cold water means having to buy specific dark detergent that’s made to dissolve in cold water. If you don’t buy the cold-water detergent, you’ll have a mess. Using a washer that’s set to the cooler side of warm will be fine.

– If you need them to dry quicker, leave them inside-out and let them dry a bit in a dryer with NO HEAT – just air setting. There are specific denim-only detergents but that could get pricey. Using a detergent that’s formulated for dark jeans will work well enough.

– If you just buy a new jeans, the best way to take care of your jeans is to not wash them for at least 6 months. But with what would we do if the jeans have bad odors due to not to wash them in a long time? Follow below solution for any/all odors that may be the result of not washing ones jeans for 6 months or longer:

  • Store them in the freezer, and this is said to keep the smell at bay. However, that is just ridiculous and if one is THAT freakishly obsessed with dark denim jeans they have bigger problems than jeans that faded a bit.
  • Splitting the difference between the extremes would be the wisest of choices. Hold off on washing them after every wear, in fact wash them only once per week, by hand, in the bathtub. Using warm water and a dark-color-only detergent for cool water and hanging to dry will keep them nice and dark.

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