Pink is a versatile color and can work well with many other colors. In particular, subdued tones, such as navy, black, white and grey, tend to pair best with pink color. However, Pink can also mix with a range of other colors, including cream and even dark green.

You want to mix your pink T-shirt and light blue jeans with shoes, but you do not know what color of shoes should to mix this style? Here is helpful tip for you

The color of shoes should to wear with pink T-shirt and light blue jeans

Tan or nude shoes would go very nicely with your outfit and wouldn’t distract from your look. It also tends to draw the eye upward.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

You could also have a bit of fun and add a mixed floral (as mentioned) or a really cute pair of flats with polka dots! Add a little clutch with a bow or something fun and you’re all set!

Source: Pinterest



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