Feng Shui tips for the bedroom to improve your marriage

Do not set bed near the window if the wedding room in the mezzanine level because it is a place to direct sun shine, and it’s not healthy for the health and spirit of the couple. In the wedding room, the wedding bed is considered the focal point of the room. Therefore, it is very important to set a wedding bed for feng shui.

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

When making wedding bed arrangements, the following principles must be ensured:

– Only put the wedding bed into the room after it has completely dried out the smell of new paint. Wedding rooms need air, while the odor of the bed will only make the couple feel stuffy, shortness of breath.

– According to Feng Shui, you should not choose pink wedding bed. Because, this color can cause brain neuroma, creating feelings of insecurity, couples easily produce irritability leads to discord, quarrel.

– Abstain from marrying in the west of the house or bedroom.

– The two heads of the wedding bed must absolutely not located in the opposite direction to the toilet.

– The western side of the wedding room not only does not have a wedding bed, but also avoids placing TV sets, speakers, radios or anything that is capable of making a noise.

– Avoid placing the bed opposite the large mirror. Because, that will create a feeling of fear, a great influence on couples living room.

– On the shelves and bedside tables of the couple are not allowed to place large sound equipment such as television, radio, theater … to avoid causing nervous breakdown.

– Even the wall above the wedding bed should not hang large photos. Especially wedding photos because it will create feelings of repression, pressure and insecurity.

– The front of the bed is not facing the door as this is why it is easy to get a headache due to anxiety and insecurity.

– The wedding bed is not placed under the crossbar because it will make the couple insecure, sleep is not good, not deep sleep. However, if the bedroom is false ceiling to cover the beam then it’s okay.

– Do not put wedding bed near the window if the room is located in the mezzanine. Because this is the direct sun to the harsh afternoon, not good for the health and spirit of the couple.

– The head of the wedding bed should have a fulcrum, and is often referred to as a ‘mountain mount’ but not a large one. Often it will be pressed against the wall, otherwise it is very easy to conjure up delusions and tend to be schizophrenic.

– The sides of the bed should be raised to a little higher for the couple to feel comfortable and comfortable when sleeping.

The above are some feng shui principles to arrange wedding bed that anyone should follow to ensure the health and happiness of the couple. In addition, these factors can also be applied in the normal bedroom Feng Shui too.



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