sleep problems how to solve

Sleeping problems how to solve

Sleeping problems are usually associated to stress like in work or school or maybe you have a sleeping pattern which affects your sleep at night.

You have to do something about your sleeping problems of course but improvements may happen gradually. Night time is still the best time for sleeping. Start with these simple tips

3 tips to improve your sleep

1. Sleeping Problem Solution One: Go To Bed Early 

– A great sleep problem solution is to simply go to bed early. This works with adult sleeping problems as well as in children. If you find yourself lying in bed for an hour before drifting off to sleep, get in bed an hour earlier to give yourself that hour to relax. That way you have already planned for an hour to fall asleep. Often times a problem is that when you cannot fall asleep, every other minute you are stressing over the fact that you are not asleep. Your body begins to release stress hormones and it is even more difficult to combat those hormones and fall asleep. But if you plan to lie awake for an hour, you will not stress and you will be able to relax and go to sleep.

– To induce sleep: drink a glass of warm milk, have a quick shower, avoid caffeine, don’t eat before sleep, have a schedule, don’t have too much nap during the day and the last resort is to see a doctor to prescribe medications for you at the same time he can see your situation.

2. Sleeping Problem Solution Two: Read A Book 

– If you are having trouble falling asleep, a simple solution is to read a book. Now, do not read an interesting book or one that you will be unable to put down. This will only keep you awake. Instead, read a textbook or a manual for something. These boring books will cause your mind to drift and your body to begin to feel lethargic and sleepy.

– In no time you will be asleep with the book on your chest or the floor. Do not try to read anything important or interesting during this time as this will only keep you up and fuel your body to create hormones that keep you awake.

3. Sleeping Problem Solution Three: See A Doctor 

– If your problem is serious, you may need to see a doctor. A doctor will be able to prescribe sleeping aids to help you sleep at night. While you may not want to go this route, if you are having chronic sleeping problems, this may be your only solution to give yourself a good night sleep. Do not feel ashamed or afraid to talk to your doctor if nothing else is working to get you to sleep at night!



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